Avoid the Pitfalls of a Poor Firewood Sale Choice

Ill-Suited Tree for Firewood: Avoid This Unreliable Option

Many homes use firewood as their main source of heating as winter draws near. The quality and type of wood play a significant role in a firewood sale by determining how effectively and efficiently the wood burns, providing adequate warmth to your home.

An Unreliable Tree Type for Firewood

A poor choice for firewood is the green, freshly cut wood from softwood trees like pine, spruce, or fir. Greenwood has high moisture levels, which negatively impacts its burning capacity.

  • Produce less heat output: Due to its high moisture content, green softwood burns at a lower temperature than dry hardwood. As a result, it produces less heat output, which is insufficient to warm up your space during the colder months.
  • Create creosote build-up: When burned, green softwood emits large amounts of creosote—a flammable substance that sticks to the inside walls of chimneys. This build-up increases the risk of chimney fires and damages its structure over time.
  • Burn faster and require frequent replenishment: As compared to hardwoods like oak or maple, softwoods burn relatively faster. This means you need to continuously add more logs to maintain the desired temperature in your home.
  • Emit unpleasant smoke and odor: Burning green softwood produces thick smoke laden with tar-like substances that leave an unpleasant smell both inside and around your house.

Making the Right Choice: Dried Hardwoods for Quality Firewood

Dried hardwoods are a better option for firewood than green softwoods. By choosing hardwoods, you enjoy several advantages:

  • Higher heat output: As dried hardwoods contain less moisture, they burn at higher temperatures and provide optimal warmth inside your home.
  • Better efficiency: Seasoned hardwood burns slower and more consistently, reducing the need for constant log replacement and offering better fuel efficiency in the long run.
  • Less creosote build-up: Hardwoods emit significantly less creosote during combustion, lowering the risk of chimney fires and associated hazards.

Make sure to avoid green softwoods to protect your family from potential hazards during the chilly months. For a premium-quality firewood sale that guarantee effective heating solutions in Clarks Summit, PA, contact RTL LLC - Clarks Summit at (570) 275-4666 today!