Is It Time to Call for Emergency Tree Removal?

3 Signs You Need to Get Emergency Tree Removal Service

Trees are great additions to your property’s landscape. They add texture, color, and even value. You have to keep in mind though that proper care of trees is highly important especially if you want them to make your home’s curb appeal better. Unfortunately, no matter how much care you provide, issues will arise. It can affect many aspects of your property. Thankfully, emergency tree removal service is available.

Here’s a quick guide that can help let you know if you need emergency services ASAP.

Leaning Tree

Leaning trees is not normal at all! In fact, a leaning tree is under some kind of stress. If it’s not addressed immediately, it could result in the tree toppling over.

Exposure to heavy wind gusts can also cause trees to lean slowly over time. While you could try to anchor the tree with stakes to help it stand upright. However, if the tree leans 15 degrees or more, removal is needed to ensure that further damage is avoided.

Disease can cause your tree to lean as well. Emergency tree removal may be needed if the disease is already too much.

Storm Damage

You may need emergency tree removal services if a storm has caused damage to your tree. Some storms tornados could knock over some trees onto your property. Additionally, even regular storms can take down trees if they are unhealthy. Trees with hanging branches or unstable trunks should be removed immediately.

Trunk Issues

Another sign you may need to get emergency tree removal is if there are wounds on the trunk of your trees. If the cavities on your trees are too severe beyond saving, consulting a tree expert and even considering getting it removed is highly encouraged.

What You Should Do

A fallen tree or tree branch will not only affect your landscape design but also your property and your finances. If you find yourself in the situations mentioned above or if you think you need emergency tree removal services, you can call RTL LLC - Clarks Summit, a company located in Clarks Summit, PA. Call (570) 275-4666.