About Our Services

Based in Clarks Summit, PA, RTL LLC - Clarks Summit is a local company that can take care of your trees that surround your house. We are experienced and provide the following services:

Emergency Tree Removal Service

Emergency Tree Removal Service

Tree Trimming Services

Trimming trees can be tricky. Let the experts at RTL LLC - Clarks Summit help. If the trees in front of our home are getting in the way, our professionals can trim the trees back for you. We use modern tools and apply our skills to guarantee reliable tree trimming results. Trimming trees not only improve the look and health of your trees but also add value to your home. Rely on us to provide your trees with the utmost care. We will carefully assess your trees and give the best advice to maintain your tree’s health situation.

Tree Removal

We are one of the most reliable local tree care professionals – our customers and reviews demonstrate that. We take pride in our work and strive for 100% customer satisfaction every time. We consider ourselves professionals that just happen to do tree care and removal work. Our team members have the experience and knowledge to not only know what is best for your trees but your entire landscape and how your tress blend into the landscape. We consider every tree as part of your garden and take the time and effort to care for it in keeping with your landscape. Moreover, we are well-trained to safely and properly remove trees. Contact our office in Clarks Summit, PA for more information!

Spring and Fall Cleanup

We also offer spring and fall cleanup services. Just get in touch with us and let us provide you with the services you need!

Lot Clearing

When your property needs to be cleared, turn to RTL LLC - Clarks Summit! Clients depend on us when they need their lots cleared for safety reasons, to begin a new construction project, or simply to provide a clean, uniform look to their property. Whatever the reason, we can provide you with a free quote remotely, either over the phone or by email.

Snow Removal

Even if you need snow removal services, we are available for bookings.

Give us a call at (570) 275-4666 to discuss your needs! Your satisfaction is guaranteed with us!